His Love overwhelms me…

Have you ever sat in a park, no phone, no music, just truly all alone with no distractions ? I highly recommend you do so soon. This past Saturday, I took a moment to breathe. To think in silence. Its nothing like just spending time looking at all the beauty God has surrounded you with. It takes away all the stress, the long week at work, the depressing things you’ve seen on the news, the heart aches…. whatever you’ve been going through, its incredibly important to reflect on all the amazing things God has protected you from. Just to share…lately I’ve been working so hard at work, at church and even in my personal life that now I have began to remind myself to slow down and look Up. I get to a point where I’m so laser focused on completing a task that I forget to breathe. January 2019, I promised myself to not let life overwhelm me. To learn not to take on so many committments. To not let work be all I live for. So I started cherishing time spent instead. I went home to Maryland twice in the spand of 2 months. I started spending more time family, close friends, reading devotionals, and committing to taking days off to see new cities. You see, this year has been so eye opening that im overwhelmed in a different way. Gods love has been enough, He has taken me on a journey this year that has led me to some things I’ve been running from all along. God has gotten me to a place now where I’m hungry for a change in every aspect of my life. Physically Hes challenged me to get my body back in order, seeing a chiropractor and working out at 5 am, 5 days a week is totally something I never saw being apart of the plan…but it’s been a blessing and worth it so far. He has given me new strength in places I never knew I had it. He has overwhelmed me with the confidence to stand firm on His word no matter what. I have even taken chances that I dont normally take, and He’s totally waiting on me to continue to put my Faith to work. 2020 is close by, but it doesn’t mean I need to start shutting down shop. If anything, it means it’s time to go even harder to complete some important goals. It means, I need to dig deeper into His word, go harder in the gym, take chances in my career, my personal life..all of the above. No more running from the overwhelming Love God is giving me everyday. Its time I embrace His reckless love for me. It’s time I realize that He truly wont give me what I can not handle. I hear Him whisper often to me… why are you so afraid to go for it? So… my encouragement to anyone reading this, is to go for it,work hard to change for the better. Dont be afraid to let God Overwhelm you with His Love and His plans for you. I know it can seem scary, because it means that big changes will take place..but how else can you Grow if you are never challenged to take it to the next level? So…there is 3 months left in 2019… what challenges are you willing to take? The choice is yours, choose wisely. #dontgiveup #pushharder #2019finishstrong #GodsNotDonewithMe #loveothers #loveisanaction #chapter34 #challenge #keepyourheadup

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