2020: I can see clearly now..

I can not believe that 2019 has come to an end. What an interesting year it was. So many twists and turns, surprises, gains, losses, transitions, risks taken… its literally been a rollercoaster spiritually, emotionally and definitely physically for me. Honestly, 2019 started off a bit unclear. Had no real goals in mind besides potentially getting officially serious about my health. It all started when I started seeing a chiropractor…that was life changing. I knew at that point my body was in need of a true tune up from the inside out. I even started to look at old pictures from 2018.. and realized I looked older than I needed to due to weight gain. It’s crazy how much your health tells you about your true priorities. I truly was so focused on work and church that I totally stopped caring for the one body God has blessed me with. When is enough enough though? Well when my chiropractor showed me my spine… showed me why my body was functioning poorly… it hit me. God knows I desire to be my healthiest and that I desire a family some day. But I had to admit these things to myself first. I had to truly slap myself to snap out of it. With 34 years of not truly being serious about my health meant that I dont want the next 34 years to be miserable due to my poor priorities. Something had to change… and quick. So God continued to send help and motivation. I gained an incredible opportunity to be held accountable..and officially started a real work out journey in September. Do I regret starting at the end of the year? Nope. I just look at it as starting early. Before 2020, I can proudly say I was able to build a new healthy regimen! Who knew that seeing an xray would truly give me a new vision for my future. From this point forward my priorities began to change. My focus began to get clearer on what was important. So 2020 is here, and for the first time I wont be just beginning my fitness goals on Jan 1. In fact im going to take this year by the hand and truly stay committed to fitness! Why not get deeper into seeing the physical changes. 2019 was about the renewel of my mind, 2020 is about reclaiming my health. Ive come way too far to quit now. So… this post is not about me setting up resolutions. This post is actually my reminder of the changes im choosing to commit to. In encouraging myself, id like to encourage anyone who feels as if its too late to make a lifestyle change. I am here to tell you.. if you want something different, you have to do something different. 2020 means clear vision, and even if your 2019 was filled with grey areas, blurred decisions, and unclear direction, it is time we all open our eyes to see what is true. Your personal Goals can be acheieved, as long as you dont give in or give up. Dont let doubt, fear or being vaunerable keep you from what you are trying to accomplish. So on this first day of 2020….you have a choice to make… you will either stay where you are and continue to wait on making a change. Or… you can see clearly the things you have always desired and actually go get them. Like I always say, the choice is yours, so choose wisely. Happy 2020 everyone!