Pushing through…

January 6th of the new year 2020, I started my second challenge in my journey of fitness. It was time to take it up a notch. I mean, it’s a new year so why not take on a new challenge right? Now dont confuse challenge with starting a new years resolutions, or crossing a goal off my list. You see my focus on fitness and living healthy started 2019 in September. I truly never knew I’d reach this point in my life where waking up at 3:30am would become my norm. For those of you who know me, I’m a night owl. I used to stay up, thinking, writing or even praying. So when I was challenged to work out 5 days a week at 5am… I laughed. Sad part is, I underestimated my strength. I doubted my talent. I feared success from pushing myself. It’s funny, because now… 5 months later, I feel weird not going to the gym in the morning. My body craves a release of stress which is why I have to start the day off with renewal of the mind. This fitness journey is not just about loosing weight, it’s about gaining a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. On my drive to the gym, it’s just me and Him. Even when I arrive, I rely on Him to get me through the work out. This fitness journey is a spiritual awakening for me. It makes me realize how precious our time is, and the temple God gave us is to be handled with care. He gave us one body on earth, so why not treat it with care while we have the opportunity. Earlier this week, we saw an amazing athlete and his daughter pass away out of no where. As shocking as the tragedy was, this was yet another wake up call that our life on earth can end at anytime. We have to remember that Gods timing is not our timing. So, with each moment, each second…. what are you doing to push through the day as if it’s your last day to live? Are you giving your 110% in everything you do? Or you carelessly saying… I will go hard tomorrow. Well… I’d be careful with taking life today for granted. Cherish your present moment, and do all you can to live your life knowing that God has given you tasks to complete through His Will. Your gifts are for His glory… challenge yourself to push through even when you doubt yourself. When you fear that you might actually be successful.. push even harder. I’ve learned, that waiting until tomorrow can be too late. So… why not push through today with the confidence that all things are possible when you place God first. Why not walk in faith and know that the hard work now will pay off later. Ultimately the choice is yours, the question is.. are you ready to finally get started with whatever it is you have been so afraid of starting? My advice to you is push through no matter what… you never know when your time will come to an end. #journey2fitness #focused2020 #Jesus1st #workhardplayhard #2020vision

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