Nah just bored

Many of us have been on lockdown for about 3 weeks… and it shows. Im speaking to the dudes who are taking the opportunity to shoot their shots in the DMs..and these are men we truly have never met. lol Honestly its understandable, you only had months, weeks, years ago that you could have hit us ladies up. But I guess it takes a quarantine. You over their sitting in your boredom. Sitting in your thoughts.. and you figure… this is the perfect time to speak to women that you know is out of your jurisdiction, that you normally scroll by because we make you actually work for us…but because you figure we are lonely, bored or in desperate need, here he goes with “hello beautiful”… If I got a dollar for everytime I read that.. id be rich. Well, fellas.. spoiler alert. Most of us single ladies are having a blast, reclaiming our lives. No more f boys, no more half ass commitments, no more dealing with men who think they can finess the hell out of us with Empty words and broken promises. You know the whole, “I really think your special”..yeah just like the other 20 girls you talking to in your precious DMs. Meanwhile, We are over hear reading again, taking care of our skin, hair, falling in love with who we are without you. Men you gotta do better then slide into a dm… if you know the lady personally, then send her a care package, video with her, talk about future plans, show her you are invested in her…we get you are a dude with needs.. but seriously you have to think deeper than your physical needs. Send us the new book youd like to read together. Shoot, get creative and send a door dash meal, light candles and boom dinner for 2 on Zoom. My thing is this, dont drop in the dm with the same ole, hey beautiful… honestly we get about 10 a day..we know we are us something else. Encourage me to start working on my passion. Inspire me… lol something other than wyd… cause honestly if you all come out this quarantine doing the same stuff you did before we were on lock, you are in for the worst rude awakening. While yall over there thinking of how to get a quick fix, we ladies are waking up out of our “accept anything he offers” mode to ” he needs to step up to the top shelf” mode. Sorry, but this quarantine has had me truly remember who the heck I am. This is dangerous… because once a woman knows shes worth more… she will not settle for mediocre. Also, dont forget that we ladies arent taking the Dm’s seriously, because we know your bored. Your many side chicks are on lock, and those baby girls had nothing else to offer but a good time in bed. Bless their hearts…So don’t all of a sudden come to us ladies who offer intellect, class, and substance because you have nothing better to do. News flash homie, YOU ARE BORED bruh….Id rather you not approach at all unless you have good intentions for growth in Jesus Christ, a business plan, and a commitment (no different than living a normal circumstance) Sooo… with that.. I highly suggest you fellas not to get so comfortable with mediocrity in your approach during this quarantine. Get our number, talk on the phone, do something different. What do you have to lose? Oh.. I forgot, yall are also still hurt from your past… so you only want a sistuationship since you fear your heart being hurt. Lol sorry. Im just tired and bored of the current state you are in fellas. You poor unfortunate souls… please take this time to heal baby…She didnt hurt you that bad… let it go. We ladies are hurt by the minute, but we heal and get back up. Why is that so hard? Oh thats right, because you keep looking for a woman to make you feel better. Smh I thought this quarantine would have created a shift, for you to realize life is short and its time to grow up. But… I guess not. If you arent trying to be serious while in quarantine, then.. just find someone else to bother who is equally as bored and numb as you are. Please and thank you! Until then, happy Quarantining to all the men in my DMs that do not know me personally… im giving you free game… bruh.. find someone else to fill with sweet nothings, empty words and broken promises… ive already heard it all boo.. you arent special or the one. I spoke to be cordial, but let me be clear with my intentions, I am not interested. Whew… that wasn’t so hard now was it. Lol…Sooo… go find a hobby, know you are worth more then a good lay bruh..:) Ladies, dont fall for the bland approach… you deserve better even while in quarantine. Until then, lets stay fit, hydrated, saturated in Gods word, cherish your fam and friends.. and remember real men exist… we just need to stop falling for the okie doke. Lol… #thankful #inspired #restiscrucial #realitysetin #reset #clearyourmind #staybusy #stayfocused #guardurheart #journey2fitness #journey2freedom

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