Who is Krystal Danielle Brown?

Krystal Danielle Brown was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  She comes from a close knit family who has always supported her in whatever she set her Heart on.   She graduated from the Univeristy of Maryland College Park, with a B.A. In Theatre Arts from the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in 2008.  After graduating, Krystal began to put her self out in the local theatre community.   Her work ranges from an Acapella Musical at the Fringe Fesitival in Washington DC to two main stage performances in Baltimore county. She also did Hair and Make up for the production of To be Young Gifted and Black  written by Lorraine Hansberry at her Alma Mater.  Krystal has been a writer since 8th grade and an aspiring actress since age 16.  While studying theatre in college, her writing and acting skills began to mature. She also began getting into directing and stage managing. However she always loved to create epic stories, short plays and then was offered an opportunity to begin blogging for the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in 2007.  As Krystal continued to evolve as an artitst and a writer, she took a leap of faith and Moved to Dallas TX, where her next chapter began.  She began writing a screen play, that she is still currently working on.  She has been living in Dallas for 4 years now, and has truly been yearning to embark on a new Journey. Her Blog is significant to her Journey to freedom. She wants to help those who may be chained to something in thier life that is preventing them from elevating to the next level.  She feels that possibly through her Journey to Freedom, it may help someone else free thier mind,soul and heart from whatever is placing them in bondage. Krystal is a Believer in Christ and knows that through Him she has truly been blessed and He is truly helping her grow in more ways than she could have ever imagined.  May this blog insprie, encourage and motivate you to believe that you can break free from whatever is holding you back from your true you.

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